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Eros Connection - Couples Programme - 3 Set Box Series

Eros Connection - Couples Programme - 3 Set Box Series

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Often our lives are stressful, pressured and rushed.  As a result, our relationships are placed on a back burner when they ought to be a safe haven, a sanctuary, a place of love, friendship, healing and understanding. We forget this and often become strangers, connecting only for sex or not connecting at all.

One of the most important skills in life is being a good lover and the extension of this is having a fulfilling relationship.  A good lover portrays many different qualities with sexual technique being only one aspect.  There is great power in sensuality. Sensuality can create more meaningful relationships through opening the door to improved communication and sharing, stronger connection and deeper intimacy.

The Eros Connection Couples Programme was developed over years of assisting numerous couples to heal their relationships and expand the sacred space they shared. It is designed to fit into your busy lives and is comprised of quick and easy exercises.  The power lies in its simplicity.

It will guide and inspire you to return your relationship to a safe space. In this space you will be able to trustingly share more of yourself. You will be able to give and receive more love and to explore yourself and one another. There will be a pathway to expand and develop your relationship and discover the countless and continuous gifts of sensuality and in its turn sexuality.

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