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Expanded Orgasm

Expanded Orgasm

  • R 19999

The Eros Life series of videos contains lessons and programmes to guide and inspire you to have more pleasure and more intimacy. To have a greater connection with your partner and to explore your sexuality. Because no one teaches us to be good lovers, Eros Life has created these videos to help give a set of sexual skills but also to understand that there is more to sex, love and intimacy than technique. Rather the skills represent a doorway into a whole new world of pleasure and deeper connection


The Expanded Orgasm video is a guide to an experience that offers a totally new perspective on sexual pleasure. The process creates the possibility of hours of expanded orgasmic pleasure.  Drawing on both Tantric and Taoist principles, the Expanded Orgasm is a technique that allows a person to enter an orgasmic state that can last for an extended period of time. For women this means a heightened and prolonged experience of pleasure and for men it offers an expansive and exciting set of sexual possibilities.

Imagine being able to enter an orgasmic state and experience that heightened pleasure for an hour or more. The Eros Life: Expanded Orgasm video is your guide to that space.

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