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Secrets of pleasuring a man

Secrets of pleasuring a man

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  • Lingam is a Tantric term for the male sexual organ meaning ‘the staff of life’.  Lingam Massage offers a man a powerful experience of his sexuality. The Lingam Massage DVD teaches you to pleasure your partner through Tantric massage. It will guide you in the secret ways of your lover’s body.  A practical DVD that teaches massage techniques that can be both arousing and simultaneously relaxing. It demonstrates how men can have the experience of an orgasm without ejaculation allowing them to be multi-orgasmic.

Quiet Lingam’ is a method that is designed to gently expand the patterning of male sexuality. Men are usually quicker to ignite sexually which means they rarely experience a slow and sensual release of their sexual energy. Touching your partner gently, patiently and without expectation of orgasm or even erection frees him of the pressure to perform and allows him to simply enjoy and savour the intense sensations. This can even assist with erectile dysfunction.

The Lingam Massage is comprised of two components - Water and Sexual Fire. The Water Massage is a relaxing and gentle experience of soft touch which removes the need to reach a particular goal and allows him to stay in the moment. This can be the complete experience allowing your partner to relish the feelings moving through his body or you can move into a secondary Sexual Fire Massage.  The Sexual Fire Massage demonstrates, through a range of Lingam Massage movements, how to transport your partner to a heightened state of pleasure. The Sexual Fire begins with a spark and grows into an inferno. Master these ancient Eastern techniques to provide a deeply pleasurable experience, increased intimacy and connection and enhance your offering in the bedroom.

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